Welcome to Corbitt

At Corbitt we offer a diversified, state-of-the-art, contract-manufacturing environment where we build permanent-mold aluminum castings and offer high-production machining, heat treating, tooling and engineering services.

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What We Do

We are the industry leader when it comes to castings, machined parts, custom tooling and complete assemblies.

OEM Products

We provide the highest-quality components to OEMs in the earth moving, mining, agricultural, electrical, transportation, recreation, and food service industries.

From dock cleats and transmission casings to manifolds and railroad car parts, we are a manufacturing leader in the transportation industry as it continues to convert from iron to aluminum.

Our streamlined, in-house testing protocols provide our customers with fast-tracked deployment of parts and components to their fleets.

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The food industry is hard on garbage disposals. Dishwashers don’t care what goes down the hole.

We re-machined and designed an ultra-rugged motor housing that fixed the leakage issues, added cosmetic value and significantly decreased scrap rates.

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Aluminum is playing an increasingly large part in the electrical industry and we are highly skilled at manufacturing these products, including explosion-proof receptacles and power line connectors.

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Specializing in light and heavy-duty gearboxes, our permanent mold process is specifically designed to achieve the super-close tolerances that today’s powertrain housings demand.

We provide the highest value to OEM production with a talented team of engineers and designers who bring years of experience and trouble-shooting expertise to every project.

We solve problems.

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“What you need,
when and where you need it”

Since 1948 we have supported the transportation, construction, industrial tool, farm and foodservice industries. We deliver the top-quality products you need, when and where you need it. Guaranteed.